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I can't find enough superlatives to describe the service that I've consistently received from European Auto Hause - fantastic, amazing, a Godsend words would adequately sum up the way that Fares, Sean & their staff have helped preserve both my car & my sanity over the past few years:
—Mark V., Los Angeles, CA 3/24/2016 via Yelp

I finally purchased an Audi A8L. Purchased from a dealer and so I wasn't able to do a pre-sale inspection like I would of liked. So I brought it to EAH post sale. He quoted a price over the phone. A fair price. He also said that if any repairs were done that the inspection fee would be waived and I would just pay repair fees. So I drop off the car this morning. In two hours just like he said...I got a call and the A8L got a clean bill of health. Nothing needed except new windshield wipers. Which I had noticed myself. I arrive to pick up my car and he goes over the upcoming service schedule...which I appreciate. We go in the office and I figured on paying the higher of the two cost. A vehicle inspection of $105 being more than $60 wipers. But Fares just charged me the lesser amount. Nobody does that. Nobody. The reviews are real. This mechanic is the real deal. His shop is clean as a new engine bay. He runs a very tight business and he has top notch business practices. When you meet someone like this, you know you will be doing business for a long time. Thank you EAH!!
—Armando R., City of Industry, CA 2/26/2016 via Yelp

Awesome service! The dealer wanted to charge us almost 1700 usd for front brakes and we paid less than 700 usd for front and back brakes. The owner was so nice, honest and quick. Will definitely go back :)
—Estela M., Encino, NM 2/5/2016 via Yelp
via Yelp

This place really went the extra mile. I recently crashed my 2012 VW GLI into a Fiat 500 which resulted in extensive damage to my rear wheel and suspension, no body damage. On visual inspection the damage looked to be isolated to the lower control arm. Boy was I wrong.

Sean, the Lead Technician(?), put some serious attention into repairing my car. It was almost like he was repairing his own car. I was skeptical as to why he was so loving to my car but I am glad to say it wasn't a dog and pony more
—Mike Y., Pasadena, CA 1/27/2016 via Yelp

Amazing Service... they checked my Audi b6 A4 out for any problems or future problems. Also the workers there are really chill and caring! If you have any problems make sure you go to Sean, he takes good care of everyone!
—Shant M., Porter Ranch, CA 1/18/2016 via Yelp

"Came in for engine light code of P1248 on my 2002 TDI VW Golf. Had appropriate tools and equipment, appropriately skilled mechanic to professionally diagnose and resolve 2 issues: bubbles in fuel line due to fuel leak from old o-rings/fuel valve on fuel filter and mistiming of diesel fuel pump. Shawn worked hard to reopen the price for negotiation to a respectably appropriate amount for both parties. I really wish I had more money so that I can bring my car in to these guys for more work that I know my car needs due to wear and tear. Work areas are really clean, technicians look and act professional, the bathroom is clean, and they remember your name. You really get quality customer service, much better than the dealership at a much better price. Highly recommended if you own a VW or Audi of any year."
—Joel K., Arcadia, CA 7/10/2015 via Yelp

"I am at peace knowing my car will never let me down as long as I have the team of EAH service my VW Jetta. Great customer service! First class service! They drop me off at work and pick me up as soon as my car is done. Most of all... Very honest and won't pull that "trick" just because you are a woman. Keep up the amazing job! You deserve more than just a 5 star. I'm a happy customer!  Thank you Fares!"
—Tess C., Glendale, CA 7/31/2015 via Yelp

"Im not always driven to write a yelp review, but when i do it'll be for a business that provides services that are unlike any in their field and that's what you'll receive at Fares' European Auto Hause!!!

Fares you are always welcomed at my restaurant where we'll hope to match the quality of service you and your staff provided me..Thank You (My new home for all my Audi needs)"
—Jonathan M., Glendale, CA 7/28/2015 via Yelp

"Fares and his team are great. They are very reasonably priced, quick with service and offer great customer service. I am alway satisfied when I leave. I highly recommend European Auto House in Pasadena for any VW or Audi owners."
—Matt H., South Pasadena, CA 7/23/2015 via Yelp

"Love this place!!! They have have excellent service, advice and very friendly. They use Genuine Audi parts and they are expertise's. If you ever want an honest shop for your Audi I would highly recommend coming to these guys, they will always take care of their customers and vehicle, you can not go wrong with choosing these guys. I don't know too much about cars but this place will make sure you go home happy and with your car working amazing. They are always willing to work with the client which is a huge plus for me. Thank you Sean for your AMAZING, HONESTY and EXCELLENT work at European Auto Hause."
—Joana A., Pasadena, CA 4/2/2015 via Yelp

"Love this place!! Very easy to schedule appointments. They have excellent customer service and knowledge about Audi and VW cars, explaining in details what is required and Essential for your car to have it in excellent condition. Number one place to go. You will certainly be happy with the service."
—Christine G., Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA 5/18/2015 via Yelp

"Fares was highly recommended by a previous trusted mechanic at Independent Volvo in Pasadena. I have been bringing my Passat to European Auto Hause ( formally Independent Audi and VW Service ) since 2010. Fares has lived up to his quality reputation. He is a very smart, knowledgeable, and fair mechanic, who is incredibly accommodating.

Recently, when it came to needing a second car, I wanted to stay with VW, so as to keep Fares for my mechanic. As his client, he had me contact his colleague, who is head of sales at New Century VW Glendale. Within a week I had purchased a Certified Pre-Owned Jetta Sports Wagon, at a very fair price, that was exactly what I was looking for. Fares has earned much goodwill, within the Pasadena/Glendale VW Audi community, that he in turn passes on to his customers."
—maureen j., Pasadena, CA 6/8/2015 via Yelp

"If you truly want to do business with an establishment that focuses on taking care of their customer - and their vehicle- you can't go wrong with choosing European Auto Hause (EAH).

Sean, Fares, and the entire staff understand they are in the people business and take great pride in serving customers. Their goal is to have their customer leaving happier than when they first came in and satisfied with the repair(s) on their vehicle. Thank you Sean and your staff for serving me and my 2003 A4. I look forward to my next visit."
—Martin G., Montebello, CA 3/31/2015 via Yelp

"...I love these guys. I love this place. As the A3 was for my mom, I brought her in to meet them and it was apparent that she approved as well.

Welcome to the family Sean, Fares, Paula (and the rest of the crew)!

This is an

honest shop

, with good, hard working, top notch guys, excellent, fare prices and a forthright business & work ethic. If you own an Audi or a VW, their is simply no better place to bring your car. It's a perfect 10."
—Christopher L., 8/4/2014

"I spoke to Shawn on the phone at European Auto Hause and he was super up front with me: telling me the cost of the part (which matched my research) and that it'll take about 2 hours. His price was over $150

cheaper than Pacific Audi

which didn't even give me a breakdown. West Covina Penske Audi not only did not tell me a price, they wanted to schedule me in for an appointment in case there were other issues. Uh huh.

Shawn's team also gave me a ride to Best Buy while I waited 2 hours. On top of that, my car was washed which I wasn't expecting.

The lot is small and tight. Tip: Have them park your car for you since they are pros at it.

All my Audis will come here now and I'll do my best to help them increase their business. Refreshing to find a good shop. Rare."
—Dennis P., Los Angeles, 10/10/2104

"Seriously, 5 stars are not enough for them. I wouldn't mind give them more than that either. They are the best & best.

Audi has some hard to find materials / the special design. So it's hard to find a right car body shop with a reasonable price. Dealers always want to make money and will take advantage from you, especially if you are a girl AND don't really know things about the car. Plus, sometimes they will miss some parts of the engine to fix because you didn't tell them, which means... You have to come back again to fix another.

This car body shop is very honest, high-quality, competent and carful for everything. The price is reasonable. They won't rip you off or try in different ways to get the money from you. At the same time, they will teach you / explain to you what the problem is for your car. My car is A4 2009, which starts getting more problems after 5-year. I went to the dealer to check the problem of my engine. Holy cow, the price was crazy. I couldn't even afford. So, I decided not to fix in Santa Monica Audi dealer and came here in Pasadena to fix it instead even though it's a little bit far from where I live in UCLA Westwood.

Seriously, this place helps my car the most. Very appreciate of everything.
—Melinda L., Los Angeles, CA, 8/15/2014

From Venice to Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Woodland Hills, West L. A., Pasadena, Simi Valley, Malibu, and Southern California cities in between we service and repair Audi and VW vehicles.